Worst Santa Ever…

December 21, 2007

OK, I wasn’t that bad. It’s not like I was drunk or anything. It’s just that at six feet, 164 pounds, there’s some serious padding missing. And the pillows just didn’t cut it.

Our nanny and her circle of nannies always get the kids together for presents before Christmas. They get someone to play Santa and give out the gifts. This year whoever was going to do it fell through, so I became the last minute sub.

The danger here is that at 5 years old, Danielle has a decent chance of recognizing me. And it’s not just her, all of her friends know me reasonably well.

I get to the house where they are doing this. I sneak into a bedroom and start to get dressed up. Then I hear two of the older boys sneaking around saying “let’s find out who Santa really is this year”. Their mother manages to shoo them away.

So I make my grand entrance. Lots of “ho, ho, ho’s”. I hear one of Danielle’s friends say, “I think that’s Danielle’s daddy”. Uh-oh. But I stay in character and it goes relatively well. I read a story (on the right kneeling is Danielle and her best friend Cordelia):


I hand out presents (that’s Danielle getting hers)


Some of the younger ones are afraid of Santa. But Victoria wasn’t:


Afterwards the nannies apparently convinced the girls that Santa just looked a bit like Danielle’s daddy. The funny part was that Danielle told me later that this Santa had green eyes. I have blue eyes. So that clinched it with her that this Santa wasn’t me. Though she did say he sounded like me. But since this Santa had green eyes and Danielle knows that Santa has blue eyes (not sure where she got that, but she’s quite adamant about it) she knew that this one was one of Santa’s helpers. And that made sense because she knows the real Santa is very busy.

So maybe not the worst Santa ever, but I need to gain weight if I’m going to keep doing this…


Packer fans are nuts…

December 18, 2007

OK, I’m a huge Packer fan and a huge Brett Favre fan, but $150 for a knit Packers hat just because Favre wears it?


Twitter on the campaign trail

December 13, 2007

There’s a political journalist who is posting on Twitter. If you aren’t familiar with Twitter, think of it as a combination between text messaging and blogging. It’s real time short posts that lots of people can follow.

Some of the funniest lines from the Republican debate:

Alan Keyes is here. There will be yelling.

If Rudy were really a tough on crime guy he would have arrested Alan Keyes

And my favorite:

The problem with twittering is that people you have dinner with already know your lines

Vegas Odds

December 13, 2007

My morning paper, the NY Daily News (not as good as the NY Times, but better sports coverage) always posts the Vegas betting lines. Purely for entertainment purposes, of course.

The Patriots being favored by 23 1/2 points over the Jets is pretty amusing (I’d bet on the Patriots). But what I like is when they print unusual odds.

For example, you can now bet on whether the AFC or NFC team will win the super bowl. The AFC team is a 11 1/2 point favorite. You have to assume they are thinking either the Patriots or the Colts against the Cowboys. Sorry Cowboys fans, Vegas isn’t giving you much of a chance.

The paper also posted the presidential election odds. Hillary is still the favorite at 5-2 with Rudy next at 7-2. Obama is 5-1 and Romney 8-1. Huckabee is 10-1 and it drops after that. It’s hard to believe McCain has fallen to 20-1 and Fred Thompson is down to 25-1. They’ve got Gore at 25-1 and he’s not even running.

I can’t wait for the super bowl when they post odds on crazy things like the over/under on how long the national anthem will be…


December 12, 2007

It’s a good thing that the Packers are good this year. And that Indiana University basketball should be good. Because I just can’t watch the Knicks anymore.

It’s just sad. This is a storied franchise. Playing in Madison Square Garden. Season ticket holders are having a hard time getting rid of the seats. No one wants to go. The only fun in going to a game would be to chant “Fire Isiah” anyway.

Sad, sad, sad…

Fast cars…

December 12, 2007

I just got a brochure from a Lamborghini dealership in Greenwich Connecticut. Someone has an inflated opinion of my income…