Don’t do list

January 25, 2008

Here’s an interesting post from an interesting blog. Those who know me know that I completely subscribe to the #1 “do not do” item…

Wacko in Brooklyn

January 22, 2008

OK, that’s not very specific. There was apparently an anti-Semitic wacko living fairly close to me in Brooklyn Heights. This is a very nice neighborhood in Brooklyn (a bit nicer than I can afford).

If you check out this article, you will see a good picture of the building the guy lived in. In that neighborhood a building like that is worth about $4 million. If you look at the map in the article, the “street” that is labeled the “B’KLYN HEIGHTS ESPLANADE” is referred to as “the promenade”, featured in this great children’s book. It is on the East River and features great views of Manhattan. Living anywhere close to there is major bucks.

Nice to know that wackos can live in nice neighborhoods too…

Victoria Update

January 15, 2008

I haven’t posted any pictures of Victoria lately. She is doing very well. She’s taking a few steps and in general has been catching up very well in her early development. And her big sister is still being the best big sister around.

Here’s a Christmas morning picture of Danielle pushing Victoria


Here’s Victoria with her cousin Michael:


And with her Titi (that would be Aunt for us non Spanish speakers). I think that’s my wife’s hat.


She’s doing great.

My daughter is not Mia Hamm

January 14, 2008

My daughter’s best friend is named Cordelia. She’s six months older which puts her in kindergarten while Danielle is still in Pre-K. And given the incredible social calendars that kids have these days (I never did any of these things when I was a kid) they don’t get to see each other enough.

So when we heard that Cordelia was signing up for a soccer class on Sunday mornings, we signed Danielle up as well. Her reaction was this. “We signed you up for soccer” (frown) “with Cordelia” (jumping up and down for joy).

So this Sunday they went. Neither Danielle nor Cordelia is particularly competitive. This class is for 5-7 year olds (both are just 5). They’re both tall though, so they fit in fine. Though neither is particularly fast or good at soccer. They do a lot of drills at the beginning. Danielle does fine. She has to be prompted to go faster occasionally but she’s a good listener. She cracks me up because occasionally she breaks into skipping instead of running.

Boys just don’t skip. I never skipped. But watching my daughter skip makes me happy because skipping is just one of those total childlike things that kids do for no reason other than that it’s fun to skip. Not optimal for soccer, however.

Finally towards the end of the class they play a 15 minute actual soccer game. Danielle and Cordelia are on the same team. They literally spend most of the time making sure they know where each other is and trying to hold hands. I’m calling to Danielle, “watch the ball” as it rolls right past her. But she just wants to hang out with Cordelia. The whole competitive thing of trying to get the ball away from someone else just doesn’t do anything for her.

Maybe Victoria will play sports…

Iowa and New Hampshire

January 8, 2008

I’m always somewhat amused how these two small states have such a disproportionate impact on our presidential race. I was looking up the population statistics and notices that Iowa is a tiny bit bigger than Brooklyn (about 2.9 MM vs. 2.5 MM) and New Hampshire is about half the size of Brooklyn.

This led me, as a Brooklynite to check on what the city population rankings would be in the U.S. if New York City were split into the five Boroughs (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and Staten Island for those who didn’t know).

The rankings would be:

  1. Los Angeles
  2. Chicago
  3. Brooklyn
  4. Queens
  5. Houston
  6. Manhattan
  7. Philadelphia
  8. Phoenix
  9. Bronx
  10. San Antonio

If you were ranking US population density, by county (each NYC borough is also a county) it would be:

  1. Manhattan
  2. Brooklyn
  3. Queens
  4. Bronx

Still not sure why we care so much what Iowa thinks…

Wisconsin loves Favre

January 2, 2008

Sports Illustrated named Brett Favre Sportsman of the Year this year. So his picture is on the cover. For the first time in its history Sports Illustrated had to do three printings of an issue. This is a weekly magazine. Three printings. And virtually the entire last printing went to Wisconsin.

Why do people love Brett? Check out the highlights from last week’s game. That scene where after his second touchdown when he’s giving the ref five, that’s why people love Brett Favre. Hilarious…