Easter Fun

March 24, 2008

We had a good Easter at my wife’s sister’s place. Danielle and Victoria had matching dresses. Here are the girls ready to go to church:


Of course there was an Easter Egg hunt. Danielle found most of them:


Victoria helped a bit:


The Greatest Show on Earth

March 24, 2008

Ringling Brothers is in town, so we took Danielle to see it. Victoria is still a bit too young. One of the things I like about Ringling Brothers at Madison Square Garden is that the floor is open an hour before the performance and clowns and acrobats are doing smaller tricks. So the kids can walk down and see it up close. This is what it looks like.


Here are some jugglers juggling around three volunteer kids:


Here is Danielle’s reaction to this:


Of course, part of going to the circus is getting treats like snow cones in a clown cup (for the bargain price of $12 – twelve bucks for a snow cone?).


The circus through a five year old’s eyes is pretty funny. Because she talked to one girl clown before the show she spent most of the show looking for her. She’s the one in the middle:


All in all, a good time was had by all:


Crayon Physics Deluxe

March 19, 2008

You simply have to check out this incredibly simple game. Here’s a link to the home page.

Browser standards debate must read

March 18, 2008

This is a great posting. A lengthy, unbiased discussion of why web “standards” aren’t really working and the no-win decision that needs to be made by the IE8 team.

Our beloved Governor

March 12, 2008

There’s really not that much to say about Spitzer other than, “what an idiot”.

But here’s a funny site

March Madness Time

March 10, 2008

As many of you know, I always do an NCAA pool. I use CBSSportsline.com. If you are interested the link is this:

Our Group password is: fish

The exact rules for the pool are there. For those that have done this before, it’s the same as every year.

Let the madness begin…

Favre: No Regrets

March 6, 2008

Brett Favre gave an emotional press conference that was just pure Brett. That is the reason the fans loved him. Emotions on his sleeve, no pretense, just a pure football player.

ESPN.com did a survey and 80% of fans said they rooted for Brett. It’s hard to get 80% of people to agree on anything. Think about how many players for teams you don’t like, that you still root for. I can’t think of many. I hate the Bears, but I always rooted for Walter Payton (except when he played the Packers). I hate the Cowboys (a bit less these days) but I always rooted for Emmitt Smith. I hate the Patriots and I respect Tom Brady, but I don’t root for him. I root for Payton Manning, but I don’t hate the Colts. I always rooted for Montana, but I also liked the 49ers. There are a few others, but not many. Elway. Barry Sanders.

My favorite quote from all the quotes I’ve read actually came from a ref, Ed Hochuli:

I remember a play where Brett had to scramble and took off running. He was cutting inside, and I saw a big ol’ defensive player running full speed. Brett didn’t seehim, but I realized what was coming. It was a collision just like you’d expect. Favre was off the ground in a second, face mask to face mask yelling, “Is that as hard as you can hit?” On the very next pass, he threw a touchdown.”