More obvious but funny stuff from Trizle

July 30, 2008

The site should really be called, “obvious business advice in an amusing hip-hop format”.

This post suggests focusing on the most important 20% instead of getting mired in a million different things. My favorite quote:

Peep Your To-Do List

…or your email list, your project list, etc.

The rec:

  1. Cut 80% of the sucky ones.
  2. Work on the remaining top 20%.

The less you place on your plate, the more you kick mother-kafluckin assizzle.

Victoria – One Year in the US

July 30, 2008

We recently passed the one year anniversary of our adoption of Victoria. And while we noted it, I think the most interesting thing was how it just wasn’t a big deal at all.

After a year, we simply don’t think of Victoria as “our adopted daughter”. She’s just our daughter. There’s just no difference.

Though there are big differences between Danielle and Victoria. I have no idea if this is genetic or normal first child/second child differences. Victoria is a complete nut.

The therapists with Early Intervention have done their magic and Victoria is completely “age appropriate”, as they say. And in truth, from hanging around the big kids, she is a bit more than age appropriate. If we are at a playground with one set of climbing stuff for the 2-4 year olds and another for the 5 and up crowd, she has no interest in the kiddie stuff, she’s climbing the 8 foot ladder.

I was at the park one time with her and Danielle and this other father was there with his sleeping 16 month old. So he was watching Victoria and finally said to me, “How old is she? She’s fearless”. She’s the most self-reliant 1 1/2 year old I’ve seen. If we leave our door open, she’ll just go. If there’s someone there who looks like they might be going someplace interesting, she’d just leave with them. She gets into everything. But always with that smile. It’s that “I’m about to do something bad but you can’t get too mad at me if I’m smiling like this” look.

She’s boatloads of fun. She loves music (the Elmo “Kids favorite songs #2” has been playing constantly at our place for the past few weeks). She only has a few words and they are amusingly bilingual. She says both gracias and thank you and often the opposite of what you ask. “Tori, say thank you”. “Gracias”. She seems to call anyone that she wants something from Mami. So I spend a lot of time trying to convince her that I’m Papi. She just laughs and smiles a lot.

So here’s a couple of recent pictures of Victoria Dallas Fischer, now 20 months old and doing great.

 Tori on Horse small DSC00815DSC01007DSC00954

Geeky Astronomy Post

July 25, 2008

I like this guy’s blog. Here he explains Lagrange Points (watch the video). Prior to reading this I had never heard of them. Now I not only understand them, but I think they’re pretty cool…


Baseball Odds

July 24, 2008

This post is from the Yankees blog which is on the right of this page, but this is an interesting one I thought I’d point out. I’m fascinated by betting odds (even though I’m not a gambler at all), mainly because Vegas tends to do a very good job of establishing these odds.

So for the baseball junkies, here are the current baseball odds.

Mariano Rivera is currently 13/2 to win the AL Cy Young. I don’t think they’ll give it to him as a reliever, but a 1.21 ERA, 100% save percentage and a ridiculous 54 strikeouts to 4 walks over 44+ innings is pretty impressive…

Ugly = Good?

July 21, 2008

Here’s another post from Trizle. The title is “Why Ugly Projects = Good” but in truth it’s talking about just finishing the damn project (even if it’s ugly).

This is obvious stuff, but the writing is amusing:

Think of Fat Guy + Running

Fat guy screams he’ll run this year:

  • “I need to get the nicest shoes!”
  • “I have to read the latest running magazines!”
  • “I need the latest gear!”
  • “I need the most awesome running trail!”

Yet, details eventually get him:

  • Instead of just frickin’ running, his immersion into details prevents him from achieving that goal.


  1. We Business
  2. People
  3. Suck
  4. Like
  5. Fat Guy
  6. Because
  7. We’re So
  8. @#%#^
  9. Obsessed with
    1. The Details

We want X to be oh-so-fricko-perfecto that we forget the most important part:

  • Accomplishing the @#$%, even if we’re the ugliest @#$% finisher in the world.

Crazy Architecture

July 19, 2008

This one is quite amusing…

Brett Favre, Mr. Indecisive

July 18, 2008

OK, as a Brett Favre fan, I was a bit concerned about this. But the way he retired after such a great season I really thought he was serious. Everyone expected him to say he was coming back, so when he said he was done, I thought he really was.

Great quarterback, great career. Didn’t end on top, but honestly that is just so rare. Elway did it. Who else?

So when I started hearing the rumors that he wanted to come back, I didn’t believe them. Slow sports news day, I was thinking.

Then the whole story breaks. Egads. Neither side looks completely above board, but clearly Favre has been flip-flopping for months. And then the posturing starts.

Again, I’m a huge Favre fan. I’d love to see him do one more season with the Packers. But I think he blew it. He could have announced this a few months ago and it would have been great. But now it’s just crazy.

I understand the Packers position. Aaron Rodgers looks pretty good, but you’ll never know if you don’t give him a shot. Favre went back and forth enough, you had to move on. He asks for his release. That would be crazy. It’s a business, why would you give up a valuable asset? Especially when there’s a decent chance he could end up with the hated Vikings?

The funny thing is that Brett holds all the cards here. All he has to do is ask the NFL for reinstatement and show up for training camp. The Packers can say all they want that Farve would have to compete for the starting spot, but there’s no way he wouldn’t get it. The players are going to want him. He’s better. There is no way you could send Aaron Rodgers out as the starter with Brett on the bench. The first three and out and he’ll get booed and the crowd will be screaming for Brett. The Packers would have to either make him the starter or work a trade.

So I find it interesting that Favre isn’t doing that. It tells me he’s not 100% committed. He doesn’t want to have to go through training camp. He just wants to play the games. I don’t blame him, that’s a good gig. It worked for Roger Clemens for a couple of years. I’m not sure it will work in the NFL though.

All Favre needs to do is call their bluff. But I don’t think he’s going to…