Chemical Free

August 15, 2008

I’m amused by this British post (from the Guardian) primarily for the use of the phrase:

gob-smackingly untrue

For the record, this blog is 100% chemical free…

I love the Olympics but…

August 12, 2008

As I watch the Olympics it reinforces my personal rules about sports:

  1. If the costume matters, or makeup is applied, it’s not a sport
  2. If you can’t tell who won without a judge (all the time, not once in a while) it’s not a sport
  3. If the name has the word “synchronized” in it, it’s not sport

I’m not saying that things that aren’t by my definition sports aren’t important, interesting, worthwhile, etc.. I’m just saying they aren’t sports.

Remember I used to be a trumpet player. Trumpet is a very physical instrument. You have to be in shape, endurance matters, etc. It is as physical as archery, marksmanship, many actual sports. But ultimately the judging of good trumpet playing is artistic. There are high profile trumpet competitions. Lots of pressure. Real money (generally scholarships) on the line. But it’s clearly not a sport.

So I always keep that in mind. My daughter was watching gymnastics and she liked one Chinese girl because she was wearing glitter eye shadow. Sorry, rule number one (and number two, actually). Diving? Rule number two. Synchronized diving? (when did this get added anyway?) Rules number 2 and 3. And while I would normally consider boxing a sport, I have to say no based on rule number 2, particularly amateur boxing where knockouts are rare (and judging suspect).

So I love the swimming. Of course I love the basketball. Volleyball rocks (both beach and regular).  Soccer, excellent. Softball, sure (not sure how international it is, but whatever). Track, of course, totally classic. You get the picture. I find the gymnastics fantastic and amazing, but unless someone wipes out I’m not qualified to decide who did better. Turn the sound off so you can’t listen to the announcers and then try to predict the winners. I think diving is very cool but it’s the same thing. Sure, if they screw up I can tell, but if you showed me video of the gold, silver and bronze winners and asked me to pick which was which, I would get it wrong and so would most people.

If a casual fan can’t tell who won, it’s not a sport.

Doesn’t mean it’s not worth watching, that’s just my definition. And synchronized diving is like synchronized swimming – just goofy.

Go USA basketball…

Moon Hoax Mythbuster

August 7, 2008

I’m always amazed to discover how many people there are who still think that NASA faked the moon landing. I’ve pointed out this guy’s blog before and it was recently picked up by the Discovery Channel. He did a long mythbusting blog a while back that is considered one of the better ones.

Apparently the Discovery channel has a Mythbuster show and in an upcoming episode they will be addressing the common “moon landing was faked evidence” that the moon photographs clearly show multiple light sources (as opposed to one sun) which proves they were done in a studio. Conspiracy theorists will say that this photo:


shows shadows going in different directions, so it was clearly done in a studio, not on the moon. The show will apparently recreate this to show how it happens (this blog does it fairly well)

I’m assuming that the new X-Files movie poster is a subtle reference to this part of the moon hoax conspiracy theory.


Really, I just like this Bad Astronomy post because he uses the phrase

I will give you a million bajillion dollars…

Geek Humor

August 7, 2008

I’ve pointed out the Kloonigames site for its amusing games before. He is currently hyping the game Braid which he says is so amazing that he went out and bought an Xbox just to play this game.

What amuses me is the blog post title, which is only funny to a C programmer…

Apple thinks my neighborhood is cool

August 7, 2008

At least that’s my conclusion based on the recent iPhone ad. The “some people will like finding their way twice as fast” part where they show Google Maps is my part of Brooklyn…

Amusing Game

August 5, 2008

I love this guy’s games, because they have a simple but great sense of humor. I’ve blogged about them before, but if you don’t recall, this guy creates small simple games that take a maximum of 7 days to create. He usually puts out one a month.

This month’s installment is a simple shoot ’em up. You are trying to blast robots. But there’s a twist. When you die, you press the spacebar to go back in time.

What actually happens is that the game remembers exactly what you did the first time and “you” automatically do exactly that (up to and including getting killed) while the new “you” gets to operate along side. So in this game dying is advantageous because eventually there are ten of your blasting robots simultaneously.



August 4, 2008

Not unlike the tag cloud on the right of this blog, Wordle will take a blog and create a cloud by actually reading the text and seeing how often words are used.

I clearly can’t show this to my daughter Danielle, because she will be upset that I apparently talk about Victoria a lot more. I’m also a bit concerned about the prominence of the word “old”…