A Great Vacation

August 30, 2009

I’m a bit late with my vacation update. We got back a week ago but the last week was without child care so we’ve all been a bit busy.

Our vacation was in Cape Cod at the same beach house we rented last year. We shared it with the same couple and Danielle’s best friend joined us as well. With the kids all a year older it was much better. We had:

  • Danielle (6 1/2)
  • McKenzie (Danielle’s best friend) (6)
  • Cooper and Mariee (our friends’ twins) (4 1/2)
  • Victoria (2 1/2)

McKenzie’s family was also staying nearby. McKenzie stayed with us four nights and Danielle stayed with them one night. The kids got along great and the weather was spectacular.

We did the usual. Lots of beach. Catching hermit crabs and minnows. Collecting shells. And with the kids a year older, there were are few new items. We did several nice bike rides. And best of all, we had babysitters two nights. Actual adult dinners. Awesome.

So here are the obligatory pictures.

DSC01985 Danielle, Mariee, Cooper and Victoria.

There was lots of dancing on our deck…

DSC02024Danielle and McKenzie

DSC02184 McKenzie, Mariee, Danielle and Cooper.

DSC02082 Victoria, ready to catch hermit crabs.

DSC02093 At low tide, there’s a lot of beach to cover…

 DSC02079Like I said, they got along…

DSC02236 Maybe next year…

DSC02255 Of course there were lobsters…

DSC02047 The obligatory sunset picture.


Everyone had a great time…


August 29, 2009

No, not me for not posting in ages (ok, maybe that is lame).

Yale Press is publishing a book called “Cartoons that Shook the World” about the Danish cartoons about the prophet Muhammad that cause such uproar. It is supposed to be a scholarly discussion of the issues.

But Yale Press decided to omit the actual cartoons.

Excuse me? How can you publish a book about the cartoons and not show them? Egads. Yale self-censored to prevent possible uproar, thus giving extremists a victory.