Victoria is a Citizen

September 16, 2009

Well it took long enough, but the paperwork finally went through and we had our date in Brooklyn Family Court. Victoria’s name change is official, she is a citizen, she will have a New York birth certificate (or at least the equivalent – if we lose it we contact Albany not Guatemala) and she can get a US Passport. She can’t be president (insert Birther movement joke here) but that’s a lousy job anyway.

The event was quite anti-climactic. With the paperwork done, the court appearance basically consists of the court clerk asking us if that really is our signature on all the documents while the judge looks on.

But it being family court, they allow photographs and the judge gives out lollipops…



Eight Years Later

September 10, 2009

This will be the first 9/11 where I am no longer an employee of STARS. 9/11 has always been intimately tied to STARS for me, but now with STARS not even having a NY office the tie is different. Many of the old gang will get together to toast the friends we lost. The day has become a combination of reunion and memorial.

While the memories are painful, they remind me of the old STARS organization that I loved to work for. To remember the good folks we lost, here is my post from last year.


September 10, 2009

I’m sitting at a brand new coffee shop just two doors down from our place. It’s nice but they don’t have WiFi. So I’m checking out what random signals I can get.

Right here I am picking up 26 networks. Most have random boring names. A couple of linksys and Apple Networks. But a few of them have amusing network names:

  • Pickles
  • Good Thoughts
  • Anal Sex
  • Flying Poo! (is the exclamation mark really needed? Like flying poo isn’t alarming all by itself)
  • Landhog
  • Argentina
  • Stan’s Place (that’s the restaurant next door – good New Orleans food)
  • plastic_forks

And my absolute favorite network name:

  • No Soup For You