October 30, 2009


Greatest Closer Ever

October 29, 2009

In the bottom of the 7th, with Pedro struggling, Jayson Stark of (@jaysonst) tweeted this:

Joe Girardi dreaming of Mariano’s 14th career six-out postseason save. All other closers combined have 11 saves like that since ’96

First of all, nice prescient tweet. But more importantly, if the stat is correct, it’s just ridiculous. More 6 out saves than everyone else combined? In the post-season when it really counts?

Greatest. Closer. Ever.

Funny link

October 29, 2009

You know those ads for the IQ test that are always context sensitive to the page you are on. On tonight I got this:

Avg. Phillies IQ = 84

Are you smarter than a Phillies player? Take the IQ test now!

The other funny ones were:

Yankees Fans: Make $63/Hr


Phillies Fans: Make $81/Hr

So Phillies are dumb but Phillies fans make more than Yankee fans?..

Windows 7

October 26, 2009

I upgraded to Windows 7 last night. As part of the Microsoft BizSpark program we get the upgrade for free. Linus had done an installation on a clean machine and liked it. So I gave it a shot. Overall, so far so good.

First of all, I must point out that I didn’t hate Vista like most folks. I think Vista got an overly bad rap because User Access Control is so annoying. I turned off User Access Control. Once you do that, Vista is a good operating system.

I started to run the Windows 7 upgrade and it immediately warned me about some software that either wouldn’t run well, or should be uninstalled and then reinstalled afterwards.

I was warned to deauthorize my computer in iTunes and uninstall it. I understand the deauthorize part, since the iTunes computer signature includes the O/S. The surprising warning was for SQL Server 2008. Here too, I was advised to uninstall and reinstall after the upgrade. Seemed odd, but I Googled a bit and found some postings of people having problems with SQL Server after the upgrade so I took the cautious route.

I was also warned about Skype. I haven’t used that in ages so I just removed it. And I was warned about a utility that burns .iso files to DVD. That’s pretty low level so I wasn’t surprised about the warning. I just uninstalled it.

Having done that, the upgrade was completely smooth. It took four hours, but I didn’t have to do anything for those four hours. Reinstalling SQL Server was actually more of a pain. Reinstalling iTunes was cake, everything just automatically returned.

So was everything hunky dory? Well, I did encounter a funky issue with fuzzy lines in the display. I found some similar complaints online relating to my Dell version and one posted said it was related to the Aero themes. Sure enough, going with the classic Windows 7 theme resolved that.

Trillian also didn’t seem to react well. First my settings reverted to default settings. Then it started having problems connecting for no apparent reason. Trillian is supposed to be fine with Windows 7 so I don’t have a good explanation for this. I could have spent time figuring it out, but it gave me an excuse to give Digsby a test run.

How much better is it than Vista? Well, again, I didn’t hate Vista. I have left User Access Control on and it hasn’t annoyed me yet (well, maybe a little). I like the new taskbar. I like the concept of libraries in Windows Explorer. There are a few other nice touches. If the Start Menu is showing a recently used program that also has recently used files, there’s a quick link to the file. I used it to return to this draft. Nice.

So I like Windows 7. I’m not blown away, but so far I like it.

My next phone?

October 24, 2009

My verizon contract expires in November. I’ve been assuming all along that I’ll be getting an iPhone for Christmas. I still think it’s the strong favorite. The Motorola Cliq had some brief hype, but nothing lasting.

But suddenly with the Verizon Droid, there’s a possible real alternative. Part of me would like to get on the early Andriod wave. Some interesting articles:

We’ll see…

Actually, this isn’t funny…

October 19, 2009

Credit goes to Linus who forwarded this to me.



Motorola Cliq

October 15, 2009

My Verizon contract is up in December so I’ve been assuming I’ll get an iPhone. But I’ve been keeping an eye on the new Android phones. One of the new ones about to come out is the Motorola Cliq.

Based on the Wired review, “Motorola’s First Android Phone Delivers Messy, Turbulent Ride”, I think it’s still iPhone with a huge lead. The review is actually fairly positive, but the killer is the final sentence:

Web browser is sucky mcsuck suck

I didn’t know they could write that in magazines…