Ringling Bros 2010

March 28, 2010

It’s that time of year. The circus is in town. Going to the circus has been an annual tradition with Danielle and this year Victoria was old enough to appreciate it. So today was Tori’s first circus.

There is still something magic about watching the circus through a three year old’s eyes. When you’ve seen the circus a bunch of times, you get numb to the spectacle of it all. But if you take a three year old, you just watch the mesmerized look on their face.

Tori was mainly enthralled by the elephants, but she loved the whole thing.  And of course there were the obligatory treats. First she shared a snow cone with Danielle.


Ringling Brothers always sells the cotton candy with the big hat so they can charge $12.


What Tori looked like for most of the show.


And of course, a good time was had by all at the Greatest Show on Earth…


Brooklyn Bridge Park

March 27, 2010

We went to the newly opened Pier 1 section of Brooklyn Bridge Park. Brooklyn Bridge Park is a big plan to turn a large section of the Brooklyn waterfront, from the Brooklyn Bridge to Atlantic Avenue (our street). When it is done it will be fantastic.

This is the plan. The part above the Brooklyn Bridge, Empire Fulton State Park, already exists. It’s a nice park in a great spot, with great Manhattan views, great views of both bridges and even the Statue of Liberty.

The Pier 1 section just opened. It’s very nicely done. The next part to open is Pier 6 (opening this spring), which is closest to us. It is going to have a big playground, so I’m sure we’ll be there plenty.

Our spot on Atlantic Avenue is just getting better and better. We’re about a mile  from this park. A half mile in the other direction will be the new basketball arena for the Nets.

If we can only afford to stay here…

Google Ads

March 26, 2010

OK, I’ve been having fun with Google AdWords lately. I love the control it gives you and the incredible amount of statistics you get. I love being able to rotate ads to see exactly what verbage gets the most clicks.

For the record, this ad is our all time top click getter:

Origami Risk RMIS
Fast, Simple, Modern, Secure
A fresh approach to RMIS

But Google’s knowledge of your preferences can get annoying. As everyone knows, I’m looking for a new phone. I want the Nexus One on Verizon (hello? Verizon? any day now…).

Optimistically thinking the Nexus One would be released on Verizon, I recently did a Google search on “Nexus One cases”.

I swear to God, whatever site I go to now, I get a Google ad for Nexus One cases. This ad shows up everywhere. Honestly, I searched for that one time.

Leave me alone, I’m begging you…

No Phone Yet

March 23, 2010

Despite all the rumors, Verizon did not announce the Nexus One at the CTIA convention today. So I am bummed, especially because my Blackberry Pearl is just flat out dying on me. The trackball now prefers up to down. I find myself having to press the space key (shortcut for page down) and then scrolling up because scrolling down takes forever.

But I have to keep a sense of humor about things. I especially like the new Nexus One ads…

It is, after all, now available for AT&T…

Understatement of the week

March 16, 2010

We were pleased to learn that Tiger Woods will be playing the Masters in a few weeks – PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem

I’m thinking backflips…

Evil Empire part 2

March 15, 2010

and I quote:

The iPhone vision of the mobile Internet’s future omits controversy, sex, and freedom, but includes strict limits on who can know what and who can say what. It’s a sterile Disney-fied walled garden surrounded by sharp-toothed lawyers. The people who create the apps serve at the landlord’s pleasure and fear his anger.

I hate it.

I hate it even though the iPhone hardware and software are great, because freedom’s not just another word for anything, nor is it an optional ingredient.

The big thing about the Web isn’t the technology, it’s that it’s the first-ever platform without a vendor (credit for first pointing this out goes to Dave Winer). From that follows almost everything that matters, and it matters a lot now, to a huge number of people. It’s the only kind of platform I want to help build.

Tim Bray

Of course, he is now working for Google…

Countdown to Nexus One

March 14, 2010

It’s not even official, but I’m still counting down until March 23rd, the day that Verizon will supposedly start carrying the Nexus One. And I realize that I’ll then have to order it from Google so I still need to add a few days for shipping, but I’m counting down anyway.

In truth, my Blackberry Pearl has been a very good phone. The smallest phone I’ve had in years (I had the original Treo). Like all Blackberries, it’s an email machine. Handles Twitter fine. I read books using Mobipocket. Syncs nicely with my Google calendar.

But it’s just getting old.

The keys stick. The over/under on how many times you have to press L to get a response is 3. The trackball randomly decides not to recognize up. But really, it’s the keys. Sending even the shortest text message is torture. Forget about replying to an email, I’ll read it, but wait until I can get to my computer to respond, unless the response is two words or less.

So I’m counting down. It’s pretty much inconceivable that I won’t love a Nexus One. I’m not comparing it to an iPhone, I’m comparing it to my Pearl. As long as the virtual keys don’t stick…