A Night in NYC

May 27, 2010

I just finished having drinks with Dan Song, Aaron Shapiro and Linus Concepcion in Manhattan. A nice night and great to see Dan. (side note: that would be an interesting start-up)

As I’m waiting for the subway at 42nd street I hear a beautiful women’s opera voice. That’s not unusual in New York, you hear great musicians in the subway.

But then I see this goofy looking white guy. Fishing cap, pants pulled up way past his stomach. He’s singing. He has a beautiful voice. A beautiful woman’s voice. He was the one singing. Gorgeous voice, but seriously? Only in New York…


Snow Cone

May 25, 2010


About 20 minutes later most of that would be on Tori’s shirt…

That was fast

May 23, 2010

I assumed with all the different Android devices this would happen eventually. But not this fast…

Google IO TV Screenshot 2

Just Funny

May 21, 2010

Whatever your position in the immigration debate, this is just funny…

PHOTO Dora the Explorer Illegal Immigrant Cartoon

Still in love

May 21, 2010

For the record, I love my replacement Incredible just as much. With the recent great weather I’ve especially enjoyed tendering with PdaNet. Now I don’t even need WiFi.

I have yet to pay for an app…

Phone bites the dust

May 16, 2010

It was a gorgeous spring weekend in Brooklyn and my wife was up at SUNY Binghamton for her nephew’s graduation, so I had the girls to myself. So that meant plenty of park time.

We were at our favorite park and Danielle was doing the monkey bars. They aren’t really monkey bars, more like gymnastics type rings spaced apart so you swing from one to the next. Danielle is pretty good at them and loves doing it.

So of course, I try to take a picture of her doing the rings. When I take pictures with my Incredible, I tend to hold the phone lightly from the bottom (since the lens and flash are on the top). Danielle is doing her thing and I try to time the shot so I can actually see her face while swinging.

I haven’t used the phone enough to have a good feel for the exact time lag between pressing the button and the picture being taken, so this type of action shot is a bit of a crap shoot. So after taking the picture, I’m looking at the phone to see how it turned out. Danielle is, of course, finishing up the rings. I’m not watching her closely.

On the last ring, one of her hands almost slips. She loses balance a bit and her legs go flying to get it back. Her foot executes a perfect punt of the phone right out of my hand. The phone goes flying 20 feet in the air. This part felt like slow motion. I try to catch it. But it’s just out of reach.

Danielle feels terrible, like it’s her fault. Of course it isn’t. I, of course, am upset. But my daughter is more important than my phone (saying a lot about my daughter, because I love the phone) so I lie to her, tell her it’s fine and we go back to playing.

But I could see the hairline cracks in the screen. And the very top part of the screen (the notifications panel) wasn’t working right. I knew it was toast, but at least it looked serviceable until I could get a replacement. I do have insurance on it, so it’s not the end of the world.

Though as the day progressed the screen slowly died. It’s now to the point where you really can’t see anything. I can receive calls, mainly because I know where to press to accept a call. But that’s it.

The replacement arrives Tuesday. Monday will be no fun…

Killing Citizens Abroad

May 13, 2010

Imagine you travel abroad. And then for some crazy reason (your name is Islamic, your name matches a known child pornographer, you are friends with known radical Dan Song, etc.) the US decides you are a threat. So the CIA authorizes you to be killed by airborne drones. Sounds ridiculous, right?

It’s important to put yourself into these equations. Usually when we talk about stuff like this it is, "terrorist who authorized release of hideous deadly fart smells in D.C. subways authorized for death", except it’s usually a lot worse than "fart smells".

But remember, we (meaning the US government) do screw up sometimes on this stuff. Lets think about how many supposed criminals have been released lately due to DNA evidence. And those are people who went through actual trials with actual judges and were still wrongly convicted. Recent drone killings abroad have no trial or judge. We’re just smokin’ bad guys based on totally one sided evidence. And again, big picture, not that I’m against this.

But we tend to trust the government to kill a terrorist thousands of miles away with limited evidence, but not to give our grandmother a flu shot.

When you are debating whether this is something the government should be allowed to do, you shouldn’t always assume we are only talking about "guilty people", you should imaging that you decided to take a trip to Pakistan and for some reason the government confused you (Fred Patriot) with someone else (Fred Patrios).

I live in New York. I’m a big fan of not getting bombed/killed/etc. I like walking in Times Square without bombs exploding.

But I’m also a big fan of the uniquely US view of justice. That whole "innocent before being blown up by the CIA" thing.

So this story makes me a bit uneasy.