Directions Man

It’s been established that people just seem to ask me for directions. Just this morning on the way to work, two more people asked me. As the default Directions Man, I’m discovering a woeful lack of clue as to how addresses actually work.

Weren’t we all taught this as kids? Address numbers go in one direction, evens on one side of the street, odds on the other. It’s a very simple system. I’m constantly amazed by how many people don’t understand it.

Today a woman was on Atlantic Avenue, my street. She had the address (which was on Atlantic) and the cross streets. And she wasn’t confused about where she was. She knew she was on Atlantic. So why did she need directions? Look at the numbers, figure out which way they are going and walk in that direction. Simple.

No, the fact that she couldn’t see the cross streets (because she was two blocks away) completely confused her.

The other woman who asked for directions was a different kind of clueless. She was apparently heading to a job interview. She had a million pieces of paper in her hands with all kinds of information from the web. It didn’t dawn on her to try Google Maps though…

Directions Man is getting jaded…

One Response to Directions Man

  1. Bob Petrie says:

    I think this is more under the category of “things women are lame at”. Most men make an effort to do it on their own before they ask. Call me sexist.

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