Cape Cod

August 31, 2010

I’ll have a full post in a day or two, but this is clearly the coolest picture from the trip.


Victoria is 3 1/2 and Danielle is now 7 1/2.


On Vacation

August 21, 2010




I’m on vacation in Cape Cod. We’re at the same place we always go to and having the same fabulous time.

Regular blog readers may recall that one of the things I love about Skaket Beach is how it is two very different beaches depending on the tide.

At high tide you have a small beach and plenty of water to swim.

At low tide, swimming is out. You can walk about a mile straight out without getting your belly button wet. It’s all about catching hermit crabs and minnows and sea shells.

And of course in the evenings it’s all about the sunsets…

More later.

Need a Vacation

August 12, 2010

We’re about to head up to Cape Cod for vacation. We’re going to the same beach house we’ve rented the last two summers. Everyone is excited.


I do need this vacation. It’s different than at other jobs. I don’t need to get away from the work environment. I still love Origami, love the team, love the dynamic. But with a startup, there’s definitely stress.

Early on the stress was, "will we get enough clients to make this work?". That’s some big stress. And that was a real question for a while, certainly longer than we hoped.

The interesting thing is how quickly the stress shifted to, "holy crap, we have a bunch of clients to implement". This is much better stress to have, but it’s still stress. And I am primarily Service Dude at the moment, so most of the implementation work is mine.

I don’t think implementations are more or less stressful than development work. But I’m more used to development work. As a more known quantity, development is less stressful for me. Since we haven’t done a lot of implementations, each one seems like a new adventure. But so far we have really great clients and I am enjoying working with them.

So I’m hoping to get some real relaxation in. The beach with the family really couldn’t be better. And I need to recharge. Because Origami is selling like hotcakes.

We’re going to be working our butts off the rest of the year…