February 22, 2011

My wife and oldest daughter are in Florida. My other daughter has a two day sleepover (it’s her spring break). So I’m totally by myself.

Party! Craziness! Debauchery!

Or not.

I guess I’m just old. I did go out to dinner both nights (new pizza joint on Monday and my favorite bar on Tuesday). But for the most part I just worked a bit more.

Had the weather been nicer I might have taken advantage and run outside. But we got snow and it got cold, so that didn’t seem like a great idea.

At this point in my life, bachelorhood is way overrated…


Android Market

February 21, 2011

This is an interesting article, suggesting that Android app revenues are puny. But does it miss an extremely important point?

The iPhone market is built off of the fact that people will pay $0.99 for anything. All the revenue is up front payout.

The Android Market is much more based on free apps with ad revenue. I’ve often considered this an unnoticed tax on the cost of an iPhone (my wife has easily spent $100 more on her phone than I have on mine because she has to pay for apps that are free on Android).

Consider Angry Birds.

It is free on Android. There are ads. They are unobtrusive. Angry Birds makes $1MM/month on these ads (that’s after being released for just 4 months on Android – those numbers will likely rise). Those numbers do not show up in the above linked article. That one app would ad 10% to those revenue numbers.

Maybe not so puny?

And the Angry Birds folks prefer the Android model because the revenues continue over the life of the app.

You can argue over which model is better for users. Some folks would prefer to pay the 99 cents to avoid ads. But don’t spout revenue numbers for the app market unless you factor in ad revenue as well.


February 19, 2011

For the record, I love popcorn. I have no sweet tooth, but I have a total salt tooth. And popcorn is top of the list.

This is my favorite local bar (despite the fact that their web site is lame and uses comic sans font). Great beer, great food and they have and old school popcorn maker where you can help yourself. And they spice up the popcorn (obviously to get you to drink more beer) in a way that is totally delicious.

My four year old, Victoria, likes popcorn as much as me. At the movies we are collectively dangerous. And she also think the popcorn at the Alehouse is delicious. This is both great and dangerous.

Any time we go anywhere that causes us to pass the Alehouse, Tori will say, “I want popcorn”. Like I need my four year old to give me an excuse to drink beer. I find myself in the extremely strange position of arguing with my daughter not to go to my favorite bar.

Of course, once in a while it is convenient to go there. “Hey, Tori, want to go for popcorn?”. Awesome.

The crazy thing is that invariably after having beers, food and popcorn (yes, I know popcorn is food, but it’s really a whole separate category) I’m the one saying “Tori, it’s time to go”. She wants to stay, I want to go.

Let’s recall, I love beer. Especially good beer. This place has tons of good beer. I love this place. But Tori can eat popcorn longer than I want to drink beer.

I have the best daughter ever…

Flower Girls

February 14, 2011

It took a while, but we just got some of the official pictures from the real photographer. So without further ado, Danielle and Victoria as flower girls:


And dancing:


And really, really tired…


Romeo and Juliet

February 11, 2011

I mentioned the new Crocodile Rock version in my last post. This song comes from the new movie Gnomeo and Juliet, which is presumably an animated gnome take-off or Romeo and Juliet (I’m guessing with a happier ending).

Danielle wants to go see the movie, so I explained the pun in the title and described the plot of Romeo and Juliet. That led me to explain that it is such a famous story that tons of other stories/movies/plays/etc. are based on it.

Which then led me to West Side Story. Have I mentioned how awesome YouTube is, when you have kids?

Instead of just describing how West Side Story is this amazing modern rendition of Romeo and Juliet with great music and dancing, I just go to YouTube and start showing clips of all the songs.

And really, if you haven’t watched West Side Story in a while, it’s still amazing. Some of the best music ever, great dancing, 10 Oscar awards.

The only proof I needed was an eight year old, completely entranced…

Dance Party

February 4, 2011

Tonight we were watching something on the Disney Channel and a music video comes up with Nellie Furtado singing Crocodile Rock as a duet with Elton John.

So of course, I have to point out to Danielle that it was his song originally and that the original version is better. But then I realized that I have the original on my iPod (Greatest Hits 1970-2002) so I could show her.

Of course Danielle wants to watch the end of the show first, but after that I play the original Crocodile Rock. There’s me, Danielle and Tori dancing like fools to old school Elton John. I follow up with Benny and the Jets and every other up tempo Elton John hit.

It was a big fat old school dance party with my girls.

Netflix Freedom & Responsibility Culture

February 4, 2011

It’s long, but a very good and relatively quick read.