Disney Fail

June 20, 2011

Even the best companies screw up the little stuff. This had a major impact in our household as Danielle is suddenly way into Club Penguin…

Famous People

June 16, 2011

If you live in NYC, you will occasionally see famous people. It’s just the nature of the city. I’ve always said that either through bad luck or (more likely) flagrant lack of paying attention that I never see famous people.

I said this the other day when it dawned on me that this relatively famous person’s son takes swimming lessons at the same time as my daughters, so I see him every Saturday.

He’s quiet, always reads a book, is nice when people approach him but looks like he’d like to be left alone. So I’ve never actually talked to him.

But I think I have to stop saying I never see famous people…

Go Mavs

June 13, 2011

OK, like all sports fans who were not already Miami Heat fans or just total LeBron fanboys, I was rooting for the Mavs. Not that I followed them or was a Dirk fan or a Mark Cuban fan (ok, I did like him as an owner, but when did he get so classy?). I was rooting against the Heat, period.

Of course, as the series went on, the Mavs became a compelling story. A bunch of veterans with no rings. Responding to a very tough loss in the 2006 finals. A real team. Let me repeat that one since it’s important, a real team.

So LeBron chokes, Dwayne shows little class, Dirk rocks, Jet is crazy good, Carlisle is the new “it” coach, and Jason Kidd finally gets a ring. Seriously good stuff.

But you just can’t beat Bill Simmons writing about this kind of stuff. I started to highlight my favorite quotes but there were just too many. So I’ll close with this quote:

When Dirk briefly disappeared under the arena after the final buzzer, presumably to cry and collect himself, it was the most genuine sports moment of the year. He barely made it, you could see him choking up. LeBron would have done it at midcourt in front of everyone, partly for effect, and maybe that’s one of the biggest differences between them right now. You play basketball for you and your teammates, not for everyone else.

It’s a team game after all…


June 10, 2011

Bill Simmons, on his new web site Grantland:

Fact: If Miami blows this Finals after choking away Games 2 and 4, after everything that happened since The Decision and The Gratuitous Party One Night After The Decision, the Internet might explode. I’m not kidding. You’re going to log on the next morning and there will just be a picture of a mushroom cloud.

I’d like to see that…

Wilbon on LeBron

June 9, 2011

Michael Wilbon on LeBron’s performance in the finals and Stevenson’s comments:

DeShawn Stevenson, a player with zero pedigree and no filter, actually said yesterday that he thought LeBron “checked out” in the fourth quarter. Seriously, if Stevenson said that about Michael Jordan 15 years ago Jordan would put 50 on him and do it in such a way that embarrassed everybody ever named Stevenson, back to Adlai.

I agree. Let’s see if LeBron comes out crazy aggressive tonight…


June 9, 2011

I haven’t tasted any of their beers, but this quote

We found that turning up at the bank wearing a suit whilst pointing at a series of useless numbers on a spreadsheet is the best way to get a business loan.

made me laugh. Maybe it was the use of the word “whilst”…