July 14, 2011

I hate time tracking. It’s a big fat pain in the ass. No one likes doing it.

But when clients are paying by the hour, or have purchased X number of support hours, there’s no escaping time tracking. Oh, the horror.

Enter Toggl.

One of the crucial things about any good software interface is figuring out the essential things and making them easy while figuring out what isn’t important and eliminating it.

Toggl nails this. Their slogan is:

Time tracking so easy you’ll actually use it.

I’ve actually found myself tracking time on things that I’m not even required to track, just to know. Because it’s so easy to do. They have Android and iPhone apps but I find the web interface so good I never use anything else.

Of course, many large companies could not use Toggl because their time tracking system has to integrate with 37 legacy systems while running on the corporate intranet.

We are not such a company. Toggl works great. And oh yeah, it’s cheap…



July 7, 2011

I’m a Yankee fan, so I’m obviously rooting for Derek Jeter to get to 3000 hits. It is fashionable to criticize Jeter since his production was way down last year and is this year as well. He certainly gets All Star votes and (especially) Gold Glove votes that he does not deserve, based solely on reputation. He is not the player he used to be.

Some people have even taken to developing browser extensions to remove Derek Jeter from web pages. That is just flat out hilarious.

You can hate the Yankees and you can hate Jeter, but you can’t deny the accomplishments.

Only three players got to this many hits faster than Jeter. That would be Cobb, Aaron and Yount.

Only three other players have hit 190 hits with a .400 slugging percentage in 10 seasons (Rose, Cobb, Musial).

Players with 10 season with 190 hits and double figures in both home runs and stolen bases? One. Jeter.

And let’s not forget the postseason moments. The flip, the dive and Mr. November.

Of course, the milestone I’m really waiting for is when Rivera becomes the all time save leader. 17 to go…