One Born Every Minute…

November 28, 2011

Anyone remember the Power Balance bracelet that supposedly improved athletic ability? Lots of athletes swore by it.

Well they just paid out $57 million for making false claims…


Bank Bailout Details

November 27, 2011

I’ll refrain from commentary and simply state that this is an important read.

Disney Formula

November 27, 2011

Having a 9 year old, I watch more than my share of Disney stuff. Having just seen the Muppets Movie, I realized that this is the third Disney movie in a row that I’ve seen with the “protagonist loses but really wins” formula.

For the record:

Camp Rock 2: Movie ends with a performance contest between the two rival camps. Camp Rock loses the (rigged) competition, but back at their camp, dejected, they see tons of kids come over from the rival camp because they now prefer Camp Rock and the phones ring off the hook with people wanting to come to Camp Rock.

Lemonade Mouth: Movie ends with a performance contest, but the drummer breaks his fingers, bass player has the flu and lead singer laryngitis. While performing (horribly) the crowd and lead guitarist from rival band joins in to help them.

Muppets: To save their studio they need to raise $10 million. They have a telethon show, but fall short so bad guy gets the studio. But as they walk out of the theatre they are mobbed by adoring fans who of course break into song.

It’s effective, so I get why they use it. You have the drama of building up to a competition. Then you get the audience a bit sad because they didn’t win, when in movies like this the good guys always win. But then they really do win in the big picture sense so everyone leaves happy.

But c’mon, three times in a row?

Muppet Movie

November 27, 2011

Quick Sunday night movie review. A bit hit. Danielle (9) has commanded me to buy it on DVD and Tori (5) loved it as well (is watching Muppets on YouTube as we speak).

Mahna mahna…

Connect the Dots

November 22, 2011

Here’s one headline:

Merck to pay $950 million to settle U.S. Vioxx charge.

Merck knew that Vioxx increased the risks of heart attacks long before they admitted it. It was a large institutional cover up.

Merck CEO To Lead Penn State Investigation

So to investigate a huge institutional cover up you choose who?

Honestly, it was a struggle to link articles that were neutral and didn’t point out the absolute absurdity of this. Just google “penn state merck”.

iPhone GPS is lame?

November 21, 2011

I installed Runtastic on my Incredible. It’s a very good running app. Nice Google Maps of your runs, good splits, altitude stats, you can upload to their website and the basic version is free.

So my wife installed it on her brand new iPhone. The app works great. But the GPS is flagrantly off. By about a half a mile per run.

These are runs where we know the real mileage. We can do it on to check. And the iPhone is just flat out wrong. The map looks right, but the mileage is wrong.

At least it adds a half mile to the run as opposed to the opposite. Maybe this is all a part of the great Apple user experience…

Fractured Fairy Tales

November 21, 2011

Danielle loves her new Kindle Fire. We were already Amazon Prime members, so she can stream any of the videos and TV shows from Amazon Prime for free.

Frankly, I checked out the lineup prior to buying the Kindle and wasn’t that impressed (especially for year old tastes), so this wasn’t a huge selling point.

But Danielle checked it out and found something called Fractured Fairy Tales. They are basically short cartoons that are silly versions of the classic fairy tale stories. She loves them. Bonus.

Of course, now Victoria wants to watch them on my Kindle. So I set it up and watch the beginning with her. As I watch the beginning it dawns on my that I know these cartoons.

They came from the old Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon. I saw those when I was a kid (and they were old then).

So here’s my 9 and 5 year olds, streaming 50 year old video to their brand new Kindles.

Technology rocks…