December 30th, 2011–Gone

December 29, 2011

I love this kind of political calendar wackiness. Like the fact that Russia adopted the Gregorian calendar way later than the rest of the world (the Gregorian calendar being a Catholic plot after all). So the Russian “October Revolution” is now celebrated in November due to the two week discrepancy between the Julian and Gregorian calendars.

Oh, honestly, look it up. I’m not making this stuff up.

So now American Samoa is going to eliminate 12/30/2011. Awesome. Samoa is within 20 miles of the international date line. In 1892 Samoa flipped the other way, trying to align with American time. That year they had July 4th twice.

This year they have decided that they do more trade with Australia, New Zealand and China, than with the US. So they are switching back. To align themselves with those countries they are switching to the other side of the international date line.

So December 30th will be skipped. Bah, who needs it? Let’s go straight to New Year’s Eve. An entire day will not exist for an entire country.

Now, can we just skip Mondays? Please?…


The Dumbest Idea in the World

December 28, 2011

I think I need to read this book

My Packers

December 26, 2011

First of all, beating the Bears on Christmas is a nice present. But I got a different Packers present on Christmas. From now on, when I refer to “my Packers”, I am being somewhat literal.

I am now a Green Bay Packer shareholder, owning exactly one share of the Packers.

For those not aware, the Packers are the only NFL team that is publicly owned. But it’s not like the shares are really traded. This isn’t like stock. I cannot sell this share to anyone and can only pass it on to family. I can attend the annual meeting and I get one vote.

The Packers are looking to expand their stadium and they need financing. So this stock sale is how the small town Packers finance a major improvement. It’s marketing genius (what a coincidence that it started just before Christmas).

Get a bunch of crazy Packer fans to, in effect, pay too much to be allowed to have a framed Packer certificate on their wall. Because let’s face it, that’s the net effect here. I won’t make it to Green Bay for the annual meeting and my one vote is largely pointless.

But you can bet that thing is going on my wall…

Ho, Ho, Ho…

December 24, 2011

We were completely lame this year with no Christmas card. We didn’t have a nice picture of both girls and I didn’t have time to pull off the montage concept with multiple pictures that looks artsy while masking the fact that you don’t have one good picture.

What can I say? We’ve been busy.

Anyway, happy holidays to all. Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it. And a sincere wish that 2012 is a great year.

I needed a visual, so we did this picture today. Not great, but Merry Christmas from Danielle and Snow White Victoria…


Amazon in the Christmas Mood

December 24, 2011

As Android users know, Amazon does a free app every single day in their market. The last two days have been holiday kids interactive books.

Yesterday’s was an interactive Charlie Brown Christmas and today is the classic Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

Which my girls are currently watching on my Kindle Fire.

Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas…

GoDaddy Figures Out That It Is an Internet Company

December 23, 2011

Well duh. Better late than never

Purulent Fulminating Cesspit

December 20, 2011

Honestly, any blog post containing that phrase simply has to be worth reading. Especially when it is in reference to a recent topic of mine. It’s a great phrase, though I don’t think I would have even spelled it right…

On top of that, he gets in the word “suckitude”, which I’m pretty sure isn’t a word, but in this context I still like.