The Lorax

February 29, 2012

OK, Danny DeVito as The Lorax? Is that perfect casting or what? I just hope the movie isn’t lame…

Apple Doesn’t Like “Stop Stealing Dreams”

February 29, 2012

An interesting discussion. I don’t think Apple has to sell any book in their bookstore if they don’t want to.

But I also think that we can all recommend that people not buy things from their bookstore because they are being ridiculous. Put the Kindle app on your iPad/iPhone and order from Amazon.

I strongly recommend that everyone read Stop Stealing Dreams. It is highly thought provoking and it’s free. Seth Godin isn’t making any money here (I’m sure he hopes you buy other books of his), he’s trying to improve the world.


February 28, 2012

For political junkies, InTrade is fascinating. And it’s predictive value, while imperfect, has proven very good.

Tonight the polls in Michigan closed at 9ET. All the major news networks are calling the Republican primary too close to call.

But the InTrade market on Romney winning the Michigan primary, which had been hovering around 60% all day, shot up above 90% right at 9ET. It was at 98% by 10ET. Major news networks are still calling it too close to call.

So which is it? A lock or too close to call?

We’ll see tomorrow. I’d go with InTrade, but I’m also going to bed…

Packers? Or something else?

February 28, 2012

Number 2 on the current Google Trends list is “Donald Driver”. As a long time Packer fan, that surprised me. Driver is one of the great Packer wide receivers (all time leading receiver for the Packers), winning Super Bowls with both Favre and Rodgers.

He’s generally considered a great and tough receiver. And a general good guy. Not usually the criteria that gets you trending on Google.

Oh I see, he’s doing the next season of Dancing With the Stars

Calm Under Pressure

February 28, 2012

I don’t know if I’m an Angela Merkel fan, but I have to commend how calmly she handles beer being dumped on her. That dude is so fired…

What Is School For?

February 27, 2012

I’m currently reading Stop Stealing Dreams, by Seth Godin. So far, I would recommend it to everyone, just because it will get you thinking about what schools should be. Plus it’s free.

An amusing example:

43. How not to teach someone to be a baseball fan

Teach the history of baseball, beginning with Abner Doubleday and the impact of cricket and imperialism. Have a test.

Starting with the Negro leagues and the early barnstorming teams, assign students to memorize facts and figures about each player. Have a test.

Rank the class on who did well on the first two tests, and allow these students to memorize even more statistics about baseball players. Make sure to give equal time to players in Japan and the Dominican Republic. Send the students who didn’t do as well to spend time with a lesser teacher, but assign them similar work, just over a longer time frame. Have a test.

Sometime in the future, do a field trip and go to a baseball game. Make sure no one has a good time.

If there’s time, let kids throw a baseball around during recess.

Obviously, there are plenty of kids (and adults) who know far more about baseball than anyone could imagine knowing. And none of them learned it this way.

The industrialized, scalable, testable solution is almost never the best way to generate exceptional learning.

Owl Video

February 23, 2012

I’m not totally sure why, but me and my daughters think this is cool.