My First Gay Wedding

We moved into our current apartment about 5 years ago. Our next door neighbors are a lesbian couple with a 13 year old son. They are very nice and he’s about the nicest kid you’ll meet (serious babysitting potential).

I was saying to a friend the other day how interesting it is that my 9 year old daughter is growing up thinking that there’s nothing particularly unusual about this. When I was 9, I don’t think I knew what lesbian meant.

Given that they have a 13 year old son, they’ve clearly been together a long time. New York recently made same sex marriage legal, so the other day they mention that they are getting married. It was kind of funny, the invitation sounded more like a regular party (“hey we’re getting married next Sunday, you should come over”). But in context, a wedding on Mother’s Day made perfect sense.

The wedding was just across the hall at another neighbor’s (much larger) apartment. They really did it up nicely, and about 70 people were jam packed in there. Other than the fact that there were two women up there, the ceremony was like any other small non church wedding (interestingly, both women are Catholic, though obviously not getting married in a church).

About the only difference in the ceremony I noticed was that at the end when the minister said “I now pronounce you legally married” the cheers seems a bit louder than at straight ceremonies. I guess if you’ve been together for 15 years without being allowed to get married, finally doing it is that much sweeter.

During the wedding, Danielle said to me, “I thought they were already married”. At 9, I haven’t explained to her that in most places in the US they aren’t allowed to get married. We’ve known them for 5 years, and to us they are just two parents raising a kid. So I haven’t decided whether I should point out that it is historic, or make it seem like no big deal.

Right now, no big deal is winning.


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