This past weekend was our nephew (wife’s side) Mike’s wedding. He has been with his bride Sandy for five years and it’s obviously an ideal match. Sandy is from Arizona but went to school at SUNY Binghamton (softball scholarship) where they met. Sandy has been living near Mike’s family ever since graduating and had the wedding there (Dutchess County, NY), not in Arizona.

Mike and Sandy love each other, Mike’s family loves Sandy, we love Sandy, Sandy’s family loves Mike, the two families love each other. Honestly, it’s hard to write because it sounds too hokey.

The wedding was just a big love fest (not in the 60’s sort of way). Some weddings are a big party, some feel a bit odd, this one was just all about love.

It was outside and a million degrees. We all complained about that, but we all had such a good time, what’s a little sweat? (ok, a lot of sweat).

And my girls were junior bridesmaids, so here are the obligatory pictures:


Danielle and Victoria getting ready. Note the cowboy boots.


Mike, waiting for Sandy to appear. Note the Vans with the tux (interesting shoe theme for the bridal party).


In love…


The smooch. Even the pastor is loving it.


The bride even loves the mother-in-law. That would be my wife’s sister Abby for those scoring at home (and her husband Jim on the right).


And the whole wedding party. A very fun group.

A seriously great wedding…


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