Vacation Friends

August 31, 2012

One of the great things about going to the same place for the past few years is that other families do the same and the kids become friends. So Danielle (9) and Tori (5) had a built in crew:


Tori and Clara (7) skim boarding (or trying to anyway)


Danielle showing Hannah (4) how to bowl


Tori and Madeline (8) boogie boarding


The whole gang (Danielle, Clara, Hannah, Tori, Madeline) doing body tattoos with colored zinc sunscreen


Before Madeline and Hannah had to leave



And Tori made a new friend, Isabel

Good friends make a great vacation…

Brooklyn Cyclones

August 31, 2012

I went to my first minor league baseball game last night. A friend of my wife had four tickets he wasn’t using so we hopped on the subway to catch the Cyclones. Sure, they’re a Mets franchise and I’m a Yankees fan, but it’s Brooklyn after all. Go Cyclones.

It’s a nice small stadium. They do the normal silly minor league stuff between innings, my girls ate a bunch of junk food, it was a beautiful night, and a good time was had by all.


That is Coney Island in the background (and a full moon rising over left center).


August 27, 2012

Holy crap. She was born in 1896. So what’s the secret to old age?

I mind my own business. And I don’t eat junk food.

Words to live (long) by…

Desert Landscape

August 27, 2012

Arizona? New Mexico?

No, Mars.

Seriously, NASA’s Curiosity rover is the coolest thing…

Sand Castle Day

August 27, 2012

On our last day in Cape Cod, high tide at Skaket Beach was very late. I’ve mentioned before that at low tide you can literally walk a mile straight out. So apparently some folks decided that it was the perfect day for a big sand castle project.

Around 10:30 AM, we see about ten people with serious shovels digging a big moat and making a big pile of sand. Interesting.

By noon it was just starting to take shape. Note how far out the tide is.


12:30, two clear peaks:


By 1:00 people were getting interested:


This guy clearly came prepared for sand art:


As the afternoon progresses (1:30 PM) random people start pitching in and helping:


Here it is at 3:20 PM. You can see the tide approaching. Time is running out:


It wasn’t just the castle, there was interesting sculpture all over the place:


The artist kept building until the end. Around 4 PM:


But the tide always wins these battles. By 5 PM, it looked like this:


Such a brief lifespan, but the entire beach got to enjoy it. It made for a fun last day of vacation.

Cape Cod 2012

August 26, 2012

This will go down as the best family vacation ever. For the most part it was the same as previous Cape Cod vacations. But the whole vacation had a great rhythm to it.

We had the same neighbors in the beach houses next door, so the girls had friends from day one and they all played great. And the girls are older and more independent.

The weather was spectacular.

Of course, there were great sunsets, lots of crabs caught by the girls, bike rides and friends visiting us. This year we added a whale watching excursion that was excellent.

Pictures and more to come…


The Race to the Bottom

August 20, 2012

Another good post from Seth Godin:

But the problem with the race to the bottom is that you might win.