Sand Castle Day

On our last day in Cape Cod, high tide at Skaket Beach was very late. I’ve mentioned before that at low tide you can literally walk a mile straight out. So apparently some folks decided that it was the perfect day for a big sand castle project.

Around 10:30 AM, we see about ten people with serious shovels digging a big moat and making a big pile of sand. Interesting.

By noon it was just starting to take shape. Note how far out the tide is.


12:30, two clear peaks:


By 1:00 people were getting interested:


This guy clearly came prepared for sand art:


As the afternoon progresses (1:30 PM) random people start pitching in and helping:


Here it is at 3:20 PM. You can see the tide approaching. Time is running out:


It wasn’t just the castle, there was interesting sculpture all over the place:


The artist kept building until the end. Around 4 PM:


But the tide always wins these battles. By 5 PM, it looked like this:


Such a brief lifespan, but the entire beach got to enjoy it. It made for a fun last day of vacation.


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