Scooter Woes

Well, not really woe per se. I’m just hard on scooters. For most kids, a scooter is mostly a toy. For my Brooklyn girls, it’s the primary method of transportation. And it has become my primary means of transportation as well.

When your commute and 90% of the places you need to go are with a 1.5 mile radius circle, a scooter is the perfect thing. At least in Brooklyn. No parking issues, easier to store than a bicycle and for short distances almost as fast as a bike. My commute is 1.5 miles each way, 10 minutes on a scooter. When I’m not with my girls, I can get aggressive and use bike lanes, zip in and out of traffic, up and down sidewalks, etc.

But that is hard on a scooter. Danielle is on her second Razr A5 and I just had to order my third. Between riding more distance, riding more aggressively and outweighing her by about 100 pounds, I beat the crap out of a scooter. And Saturday my scooter bit the dust.

But with Amazon Prime, my new one arrives today…


2 Responses to Scooter Woes

  1. dan says:

    i forget what kind of scooter you have. im thinking of getting a xooter, as i can no longer keep up with my kids on their kicks. any suggestions?

  2. Fish says:

    I’ve always ridden the Razr A5. There are more expensive adult scooters, but the A5 has always been good for me. Not sure if the other ones would take a beating better, but at twice the price I probably won’t find out.

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