Sandy Who?

Danielle was supposed to have her birthday party on the Saturday after Sandy at Chelsea Piers, this very cool sports complex on the West side of Manhattan. Unfortunately, being on a pier, it was heavily damaged by Sandy so her party had to be postponed.

They reopened last week and her party was rescheduled for today. I asked one of the employees there how bad it was, and she said the entire gymnastics area was under 6 feet of water. It had to be completely replaced.

So getting to this in a month, is pretty impressive:


The party was great. A bunch of 10 year old girls jumping around and landing in those huge pits. Tori got to be the one little girl at the party. Here’s Tori vaulting into a pit:


Danielle being fancy and doing a handstand into it:


Random trampoline action:


Being launched into the pit by one of the instructors:


And the whole gang in the pit:


Amusingly, because they were brand new, Danielle said the foam squares smelled like pistachios. And needless to say, a great party. And all the instructors there had T-Shirts that had on the back “Sandy Who?”.

Not to make light of those still suffering from the effects of Sandy, but clearly the folks at Chelsea Piers did a great job getting the place back in shape.

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