Well not in New York, but there is no better picture for a Yankee fan than Mariano Rivera smiling at spring training.

While Mo isn’t talking about his retirement plans, we have to assume this is the last year we will get to watch him pitch. He’s been my favorite Yankee since 1996 (pre-closer). He’s always been classy and so incredibly consistent. When he blows a save, he talks to the media, blames no one and comes back the next day.

Everyone is closely watching his comeback from ACL surgery. From today’s New York Daily News:

So there he was, playing some long toss with bullpen coach Mike Harkey, throwing back and forth from 30 yards, then 40, 50, backing up until he was 80-90 yards away. Rivera was covering the distance easily with high-arching throws, and then, just for the fun of it, he sent a few baseball writers scattering by overthrowing Harkey by another 10 yards.

Intentionally, no doubt.

“No,” a grinning Rivera said later, “that one got away from me.”

Here’s to one more season with Mo. Hopefully a season of shattered opposing player’s bats…


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