Dumbo Art

My office is very close to a well known mural in Dumbo, Brooklyn. It used to look like this:


ArtInfo.com actually puts this area in the “20 best spots to see street art in NYC”.

It’s not a particularly scenic building. It’s just a garage. My office actually looks out on the “No Parking 24|7” part.


I walk past the mural every day (well, most days I scooter). Imagine my surprise when I saw this:


(my office window is second floor, one to the left of the “b”)

No one was happy about it. Though it turns out that “bright” is a commentary on the mural itself. The garage is going to be demolished to make modern housing, so this is a brief final tribute to the mural.

Sad to see the mural go. And I’m not looking forward to construction right outside my window…


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