A Too Short Vacation

Puerto Rico was fantastic. The weather was 100% perfect. We basically lived by the pool. As my previous post mentioned, this was a repeat of last year’s vacation. And you really can read last year’s post to understand what we did. This was a carbon copy with even better weather.

One difference is the flow of vacations as our girls get older. Day 1, they want to do everything with me. I’m in the pool with them 100% of the time. Day 2 they meet some other kids. They want me around, but not as much. By day 3 the kids are best friends and I am superfluous, which works for me because by then I want to relax by the pool with a book.

Tori (now 6) has become an excellent swimmer, so we don’t have to worry about her in the pool at all. So the days were pretty much:

  • Breakfast
  • Pool
  • Lunch
  • Pool
  • Dinner
  • Pool

Throw in the occasional visit to the beach and a trip to Old San Juan and El Morro and you have our entire vacation.

The girls basically did this for 6 days:

And the obligatory pictures:


Tori took this. She thought the palm tree shadow looked like a star in the pool.


My three girls at El Morro


Victoria and Danielle at El Morro


Danielle (right) and her new friend Jessica


Victoria with her new friend Clayton


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