April 30, 2013

Even monkeys don’t like inequality…

The First Website Ever

April 30, 2013

Today is the 20th anniversary of the first web site ever. Via The Verge, the original website has been restored to its original url:


I Hate Time Warner

April 29, 2013

This post may or may not actually make it to the internet because my Time Warner Cable internet is so slow. I reboot my cable modem about every other day. And we reboot our DVR just as often.

We get FIOS a week from tomorrow. Internet twice as fast and two DVRs cheaper than Time Warner gets me lame internet and one DVR.

I just went to speedtest.net. 4.7 Mb download and 0.9Mb upload. That is so lame.

I can’t wait to dump Time Warner…

Happy Birthday Ella

April 25, 2013

Google has a nice doodle for what would have been Ella Fitzgerald’s 96th birthday. No matter what your musical tastes, if you do not own any music by Ella, you are missing out. My 10 year old can tell you that she is my favorite singer ever and always will be.

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned that her Christmas Album is the best Christmas album ever. Any of her stuff with Louis Armstrong is great. Twelve Nights in Hollywood is a brilliant two CD set of live performances (she’s especially good live). Oh seriously, you can’t go wrong with any of her stuff.

Just listen and enjoy…

Origami Risk is #1

April 22, 2013

Dave Tweedy is the most prominent consultant in the Insurance Risk Management Software niche. Every year he publishes a review of RMIS (Risk Management Information System) Vendors.

This year the top vendor was Origami Risk. We rock.

The top 5 (like golf, low score is best)

Vendor Score
Origami Risk 1.50
Riskonnect 1.62
Aon Risk Console 1.81
Risk Sciences Group 1.84

To download the review, click here.

Wet Washcloth in Space

April 22, 2013

These videos from the International Space Station are great…

New Bed #1

April 20, 2013

Victoria’s bed arrived yesterday, so I put it together this morning. She wanted a bunk bed, so that is what she got (small room, tall ceilings, makes sense).

She’s a happy girl…