Old Man Mo

Exactly a year ago today, Mariano Rivera tore his ACL, ending his season and requiring surgery and rehab. He’s back this year and is currently the oldest player in Major League Baseball.

For the folks that wondered if he could bounce back from a torn ACL at 43, here are his stats so far this year:

Saves: 11 (out of 11 chances, tied for the best in the majors)

Walks: 1

Strikeout: 12

ERA: 1.59

WHIP: 0.97

Those last two stats are slightly better than his career average.

His velocity is down a bit, so he does actually age. But opposing batters don’t seem to think so.

From the NY Post:

“Even after all these years,” an AL scout said, “I don’t know what I would advise hitters to do against him. They have been trying to figure him out for 20 years. I’m guessing they aren’t going to figure him out this season either.”


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