Eat Here

Tonight was a great Brooklyn night. Danielle had a sleep over at a friend’s place and they picked Danielle up after school. So Victoria got a night by herself. Now Tori loves Danielle and misses her, but this was a bit of an only child experience that she never gets.

Since Danny was out for the night, it made sense to try to go out for a nice dinner. Tori is the more adventurous eater, so we tried a trendy place that we haven’t been to before. With no reservations, a table would have taken a while, but they have counter seating in front of the chefs and we could sit right away.

This was actually a bonus for Tori. This is one of those places where the entire kitchen is right out in the middle of everything. So watching them cook everything was totally entertaining.

The place is called Colonie and was fantastic. The chefs were going crazy keeping up with the crowd as we watched, but they still looked up to say hi to Tori.

The food was excellent. The kind of place you don’t find elsewhere. Tori ate well and was rewarded with a Brownie Sundae that was out of this world.

Have I mentioned how much Brooklyn rocks?

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