Bike Share Around the World

I’m clearly fascinated by NYC CitiBike program. I love that they publish daily stats (via RSS, even better). But I have no frame of reference. Is 20,000 rides in a day a lot? Sounds like a lot. But compared to what.

So I went on a Google quest for other city bike share stats. Here are some:

Washington DC:

In its first seven months of operation, Capital Bikeshare users made 330,000 trips. (NYC has that amount in less than a month)


Latest monthly stats are 750K rides in a month. That’s clearly a lot. Taking today’s NYC numbers (a weekday, weekends are much higher) and doing the math, NYC should have 650K rides in a month. So we are close but have some catching up to do.


Off the charts. 27 million rides in the first year.

Given the rapid growth of CitiBike in the first 20 days, I’d predict NYC passes London. But no way we come close to Paris.

Here’s a cool site with bike share maps for cities around the world.

And here’s a video that compares the pain is the ass factor of various ways of commuting in NYC (the conclusion is actually the opposite of the title):


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