Huge Numbers of Citi Bike Riders Will be Hurt! Also Locusts!

The press (notably, but not exclusively the NY Post) was full of predictions of injuries, death and other calamities from Citi Bike. Some examples below.

The truth?

After 31 days:

  • Over 500,000 rides
  • Three minor injuries

Three. Uh, we get that many at a typical street fair.

I promised examples of fear mongering:


NY Daily News: Bicycle Roulette


NY Observer: Citi Bike Floods Streets With Thousands of Uninsured Cyclists

And the NY Post (which just hates Citi Bike):

Well, that was fast! First Citi Bike cycle stolen

New York City bike-share program bans riders who weigh more than 260 pounds

Uneasy riders: City’s bike share off to rocky start

Riding a Citi Bike an uphill battle — as bulky, 45 lb. units not easy to maneuver

I posted this before, but the Venn Diagram of why conservatives hate Citi Bike is the best explanation.

It’s Vaguely French…


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