View From My Window–Jamie Foxx

Well, not really my window, I had to go to the architects office on the other side of the building for the right view. Jamie Foxx is definitely filming today (go full screen).

Jamie Foxx films Annie outside my office

The view of the filming from a couple windows over:


As I went to get lunch they seemed to be setting up a scene with a “food bank”. The picture below is literally as I walk out my door. I could barely get around the camera.

The line of people below seems to be a bunch of extras getting ready to fill those long tables in the back. The tracks in the lower right are for a camera to roll back and forth.


They were about to start shooting when the subway started rolling across the Manhattan Bridge. For those not familiar with Dumbo, it’s loud. So they had to wait to start the scene. I think this is Jamie Foxx’s “damn subway” face…



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