Default is Good?

Most people seem shocked that people would even threaten that the US default, because it’s so unthinkable. But other folks have been thinking about default for a while now and not in terms of it being horrible.

As always, I think it’s important to be reading all sides of a debate, even (especially?) the side you disagree with.

So in that vein, a reading list:

There Is Life after Default (that’s how they capitalized it, draw your own conclusions)

Repudiating the National Debt

The Looming Federal Default: Sooner or Later?

Niall Ferguson: America Needs to Cancel Its Debt

(side note, there’s been a funny Eco-blog-slamming between Ferguson and everyone else lately)

Learn To Love A U.S. Default

America’s default on its debt is inevitable

The other side?

Default Deniers


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