Don’t Cancel My Cancellation

I realize that New York state is not typical, but I heard something from a friend today that I wasn’t expecting. He’s an older tech guy who freelances, so he has an individual health policy. He heard about Obama’s new plan to let carriers continue deficient plans for another year. And his response was:

I hope they don’t cancel my cancellation.

He had received a cancellation notice from his carrier with references to similar plans. He had done serious research on the plans to see how comparable they were. And it turned out he was going to be paying about a third of what he currently pays for the same coverage.

Now New York already has real minimum coverage requirements, so you really can’t buy a crap-ass plan (that’s the official insurance term) here. But I had never heard anyone receive a cancellation notice that directs them to much cheaper, equivalent policies.

And this friend is that rare species, a New York City Republican.

I object to policy by anecdote, so I draw zero conclusions from this. I was just very surprised…


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