Tori’s Birthday Party

Victoria got to celebrate her birthday in style at a rock-climbing, obstacle course, general athletic fun place. Below are the obligatory pictures.

We got there early, so Tori and Danielle hung out together


The obstacle course part was well done. They started out small:


And about every 10 minutes, they’d add on something at the end. So next they had to use the springboard to get up on the wall.


It was freezing in Brooklyn that day. Danielle was still cold, though I don’t think vaulting with a scarf is recommended.


Then, as they kept increasing the obstacle course, they took two kids at a time to climb the walls. So the kids were never waiting, they were always moving.


No problems getting to the top.


Danielle’s long legs give her a big advantage.


The usual pizza and cake followed, with some time left over for parachute fun.


And finally a dance party (can’t really tell with the flash, but it was dark with disco lights and smoke).


A very happy birthday for Tori and friends.

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