With Valentine’s Day approaching I have to tell my florist story.

A million years ago when I worked at Marsh we sent our administrative assistant (who was fabulous) flowers. We ordered them from 1-800-flowers. They died the next day. But 1-800-flowers was excellent and sent replacement flowers the next day.

These were gorgeous and lasted two weeks. Our admin told me she’d never had such beautiful flowers and gave me the card of the place that sent them.

My wife has never received flowers from anywhere else.

It never dawned on me before to ask what flowers are fresh. Since that episode, if I’m ordering roses my first question is “what colors are fresh?”. I’m sure not every florist is honest, but these guys tell me what arrived that morning. And I order accordingly.

At Valentine’s Day prices, they better last.

My other tip would be if Valentine’s Day is Friday and you are sending flowers to the office, why not send them early? Do you think you wife will not like getting flowers two days before her friends? And if bringing them home is a pain, you want more days of beautiful freshness.

I don’t know much, but I haven’t screwed up flowers in a long time…


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