Eight Years of Cloud Computing

Amazon S3 storage was launched 8 years ago today. It’s gone from a novelty to a “why aren’t you using the cloud” thing.

Origami Risk has been there for more than the last 5 years. It’s been such an obviously good decision. Our operations cloud expert recently said to me

Deploying on bare metal should be a thing of the past…

I love “bare metal” as the description of hosting your own servers. It evokes how old school the concept is. It will take a while for all business to figure this out, but not being in at least a private cloud is crazy.

The post linked above discusses Airbnb, which has always been on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

With 9 million customers, 1000 EC2 instances, 2 billion rows of data in RDS, and 50 terabytes of photos stored in S3, Airbnb is run by an operations team of just five people.

Five people. Crazy.

Well no, not crazy. That’s smart. That’s using the cloud.


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