Puerto Rico Redux

We didn’t have any imagination with our vacation this year. For the third straight year we went to San Juan. And we had a similarly great time. You could refer to either of the past posts and it was basically the same vacation.

With older girls, there was more night swimming:



We went to El Morro as usual:



The big new thing was a rainforest excursion. We had been meaning to do this in past years, but didn’t find the time. This year we also wanted to check out zip lining. So we rented a car and drove towards El Yunque, the rain forest. First we headed here. We had no detailed information, we just showed up. It was around 11:30 and they told us the next group would zip line at 1:00. So we had some time to kill. They suggested the nearby beach, Luquillo. So we headed over there for a bit.

We ate some great alcapurrias at a local joint and walked along the beach.


And then it was time to zip line. They said you had to be 8, so Victoria aged a year that day. We were worried it might be too scary for her. At first she was a little scared, but she rallied and had a blast.

Tori getting ready:


And she’s off…


Danielle about to go:


And off..


And to give you some sense of how far these lines, go, the video below shows both girls zipping off to a final landing spot you can’t see:

And we followed this up with a hike in the rainforest.


To a beautiful (and very cold) waterfall. Tori is usually my cold water girl, but only Danielle would swim with me.


It was a great vacation…


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