Understanding Social Media

This is a really important thing. If you use your Twitter feed to try to promote your brand with a hashtag, you really need to consider how popular your brand is in the first place. Because there’s no rule that a hashtag has to be used the way you intended.

This should be obvious.

Jenny McCarthy asked a fairly innocuous question, “What is the most important personality trait you look for in a mate?”,  on Twitter and asked people to respond with the #JennyAsks hashtag. But she’s a notorious anti-vaccine person so most of the responses were like this:



I guess the NYPD is equally clueless. They asked this:


I’m generally a fan of the NYPD, but it’s not clear why they couldn’t see this coming



Honestly folks, find someone in their 20s and ask them what could go wrong with your proposed hashtag. I’m old and I could see these coming…

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