I subscribe to an amusing weather service called Poncho. It’s currently in NYC and Boston only. It’s weather with a personality. You get a brief morning and evening email (or text) with the basic info.

It’s the descriptions of the day that make it good. We had one of those spectacular spring NYC days today. Poncho said:

This is the Monday that all other Mondays should aspire to be

Other examples include:


A bit cooler today, with partly cloudy skies & temps hitting the high 50s. This is the Sunday we need, & a Sunday we can believe in.

Expect rain, gustiness, & temps in the high 40s all day long. Not so fetch. Keep dry & warm!

Today deserves a slow clap for improving so much! Still some chances of scattered rain this evening, with temps dropping to the low 60s.

Temps sink back below into the high 30s this evening. Expect more of the same tomorrow. Was spring just a dream?

I’m  not sure how well this can scale, but getting some personality from your new tech service is refreshing.


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