The Simpsons’ Predicted The Syrian Civil War

My wife is out tonight, so on my way home tonight I stopped off at my favorite bar for a beer and a burger. A guy I know was there and he told me that he stopped by because

I have to wait a half hour to get asparagus

I remarked that this was a sentence I could not imagine ever saying. I get it in context, he was at a vegetable place and they were unloading fresh asparagus so he had to wait. But it’s just one of those sentences (“I would be happy to ride your llama”) that I just can’t imagine ever saying.

Hence the title of this post. You might think a random sentence generator created it. If only.

It’s a real theory. Really.

The Simpsons’ Executive Producer, Al Jean, responded to the theory with:

Yes, we had the amazing foresight to predict conflict in the Middle East

Sarcasm is a good thing. Here’s the best explanation I’ve seen. I like that the word “insane” precedes the phrase “conspiracy theory”…


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