Fluoride Zombie Apocalypse

From The Incidental Economist, The danger du jour: Fluoride.

Warning, that post involves actual reading, thinking and analyzing data.

Of the 27 studies, 25 appear to be from China. The other two are from Iran. I bring this up not to disparage those countries’ abilities to do research, but to point out that these countries have very different background levels of fluoride than we see in the US. In some of these studies, fluoride levels reached 11.5 mg/L, compared to NYC, which shoots for 0.7 to 1.2 mg/L. Moreover, some of the kids got their fluoride from inhaling it from coal burning, or because it was a pollutant. That’s… not the same as fluoridation here.

Moral: Don’t get your science information from the Huffington Post…


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