George Foreman

I was reading an article on about politics and they made and analogy about how one side was like Joe Frazier in the Frazier/Foreman fight. The point was that Frazier, after beating Ali, kept using his great left hook, despite the fact that it simply didn’t work.

Well, the article was OK despite the fact that the analogy wasn’t great. But there was a link to the actual fight on YouTube. So I watched it.

This post is not about politics, it’s about boxing. Today I never watch. Boxing seems stupid and corrupt and it’s all pay per view.

But this is 1973. I’m a young boy. It was probably on Wide World of Sports back then (no HBO pay per view). Sure boxing is barbaric, etc. etc., but as a boy I was totally into it.

And my current memory of George Foreman is of the chubby guy selling the grill. Watch the video and look at him compared to Frazier. This is 1973, pre-steroids. He’s a lean, mean, punching machine.

And the fight isn’t close. In the video,skip to 8:30 to get to the start. But if you want to see the key moment, just skip to the 12:30 point where they replay Foreman’s (red trunks, if you aren’t a fan) biggest knockdown in the first round (1 of 3) and then start the second round.

You won’t have to watch much more. Two quick knockdowns in the second (one looks like Frazier was trying too hard to hit him and fell over) and then at 13:45 (for those that like to skip to the end) Foreman starts a barrage that ends (13:54) with of the classic punches of all time.

I’ve watched it multiple times. I cannot watch it without saying “oooh” out loud.


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