Vanishing Water

One of the more amusing What If posts in a while.

What would happen if all the bodies of water on Earth magically disappeared?

The quick answer:

As is often the case with these questions, everyone would die.

Now I read stuff like this via RSS. He must have edited the post after the feed went out. Here’s the Titanic paragraph in the post:

The Titanic sank in about two miles of water. After it disappeared beneath the surface, the two halves of the ship took between 5 and 15 minutes to reach the bottom.[2] Without the ocean there, it would have reached the bottom in about 30 seconds, striking it at airliner cruising speed.[3]

The RSS feed adds this to that paragraph:

Although no one has ever dropped a cruise ship from a high altitude,[citation needed] their terminal velocity at the surface is probably a little below the speed of sound.

Citation needed! That’s the funniest part of the whole thing.


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