Floor should be flat

I mentioned our great weekend in Nantucket but didn’t mention the return home. When we walked in, I headed to the kitchen and nearly tripped. Because our wood floors had buckled.


Our neighbor apparently had a dishwasher leak. Their dishwasher is directly opposite the wall where the buckling starts. But they are arguing that this could not have caused so much damage and there must be some other issue.

Possibly true.

But the facts as of today are:

  1. There was a dishwasher leak in their apartment
  2. Right after that, we had water damage
  3. The water damage started exactly opposite their dishwasher

This is tricky because we really like our neighbors. And regardless of the cause, it’s not like they wanted to flood our place. So we can’t be mad. But at the end of the day, replacing wood floors isn’t cheap, so who wouldn’t want to put the blame elsewhere? (in a co-op, a building leak would be paid for by the building). So I get their reaction.

The bad thing here is that this could drag on for a while. I don’t care who is to blame, I just want my floors fixed.

We’ll see how this plays out…


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