Diversity (or lack thereof) in Tech

Twitter followed Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and Yahoo and released stats on workplace diversity. First of all, what other companies are doing this? So even if the stats are bad, transparency is a step forward.

The charts are below. To me they are not surprising.

My undergrad degree is in music and I did a masters in Comp Sci (which I frankly didn’t finish). I went to Brooklyn College for my masters. It’s a good school overall. It’s part of CUNY, which is the City University of NY. It’s a good university system, but it’s fundamentally inexpensive for city kids (did I mention I was a musician? not swimming in money).

You would think that the expensive schools would be the most exclusive and the cheaper city colleges would be more diverse.

You’d think.

A representative class for me at Brooklyn College (yes, a while ago) had about 30 people. There would be one African American, and generally it was a truly African immigrant. There would be one woman (typically Russian). And there’s be a bunch of white guys and Asian guys.

I don’t know why this is true. But I’ve been in tech for a long time. I’ve asked recruiters to try to send more diverse candidates. I’ve never seen a good ratio.

So I guess I’m saying, don’t bash Twitter (or the others). They are admitting it’s an issue and showing the bad stats. That’s the first step.

I can’t answer the race part of this. I can say that I encourage my daughters all the time to get technical. Danielle is like me, a math whiz. She will not allow anyone to tell her “girls aren’t good at math”. We’ve been very clear that she should be kicking all boys butts in math.

Verizon has some good commercials on this topic. It’s a long fight. Tech is tech. Smart wins. But it will take a while…

Twitter Stats:


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