Handstands with Sandy

August 29, 2014

Regular readers know I have two nephews, Michael and Matthew, that I’m very close to. Michael, the older, got married a couple of years ago to Sandy, another athletic type (scholarship college softball at Binghamton University).

She’s been on a yoga/handstand phase this summer (great stuff on Instagram) so in Cape Cod she was looking for good photo ops.


OK, my timing is biased towards my daughter Danielle (right). This is my favorite one of Sandy:


Sand Castle v2

August 29, 2014

Two years ago on vacation, a guy showed up and did a super cool sand castle at low tide.

This summer he did it again. But high tide showed up fast, so there was a huge rush to finish.


This would be Tori, Danielle and her best friend Jessie.

Ice Bucket

August 28, 2014

I’m sure you’ve seen this, but it’s the best ice bucket response I’ve seen.

Write a check…

Hello Kitty is not a Cat

August 27, 2014

My world has been torn asunder.

She’s also apparently British…

Are Video Games Sexist?

August 27, 2014

I’m violating Betteridge’s Law of Headlines here. This has been in the tech world news lately because of the video web series Feminist Frequency. The latest videos (NSFW) are rather scholarly analyses of this topic.

As an old guy, I haven’t been into video games for a long time (Myst was my last obsession, so that dates me). In today’s world of Grand Theft Auto (which I’ve never played) saying that sexism exists in video games would seem like a rather obvious statement.

Apparently a women saying it leads to death threats (NSFW).

Bike Ride Day

August 26, 2014

More vacation stuff. We always rent bikes and ride along the Cape Cod Rail Trail, which is fantastic. In the past we’d get a bike with a tag-along so Tori could ride behind me, but this year she had her own bike. Not a crazy long ride, around 9 miles, mostly flat.

With a lunch break and an ice cream break.

The crew (Danielle’s best friend Jessie was with us – next to me)


Tori on the trail:


Lunch at Cobies:


Followed by more riding and a stop on the way home at the same place:


Clearly, it’s all about the ice cream…

On The Roofs – Hong Kong

August 25, 2014

Oh my, just look at the pictures and try not to get vertigo…