My Joint

The NY Times has an interesting article about restaurants near hospitals. It talks about my favorite joint, the Waterfront Ale House (there are two, one in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn).

Several people recommended the Waterfront Ale House in Kips Bay, a popular option for the families of patients at both NYU Langone Medical Center and Bellevue, along with the hospital staffs. It has become a bona fide foodie destination as well, thanks to the celebrity chef April Bloomfield, who has professed her love of Waterfront’s hot wings everywhere from Food & Wine to The Financial Times. Waterfront’s owner, Sam Barbieri, is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, and operates a smoker in Brooklyn, where the ale house has another branch.

Amusingly, while I was at my favorite joint, my favorite bartender showed me that article and gave me my favorite beer. Then I read my RSS feed on my phone and saw this:

The beer I was drinking.

From Business Insider: How 16 Of The Oldest Companies On Earth Have Been Making Money For Centuries

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