iCloud Hack

I’ve been laying off Apple over the nude photo hack because the facts weren’t in. Yes, they had an issue (recently fixed) where you could guess passwords forever without being locked out (really bad). They had an issue where you could detect if an email was a legit iCloud account (fairly bad).

But this is ridiculous.

For $400 I could steal iCloud data from everyone in my office

The article lists 5 good things Apple needs to do:

  • 1) Encrypt iCloud backups.
  • 2) Stop storing iCloud Authentication Tokens in plaintext.
  • 3) Make two-factor authentication actually protect something more than just payment methods.
  • 4) Make two-factor verification easier to set-up.
  • 5) Be more transparent about how secure iCloud backups are and how easy it is for others to access that data.

Otherwise tell people not to use iCloud…


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